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<Hotakaariake>Building + carport19 million yen attached to + belonging to hot spring

 928.88 square meters of land (280.98 tsubo)

 68.73 square meters of buildings (20.79 tsubo)

 2LDK+ storehouse (approximately 12 quires) price 19 million yen


Imade maintenance neatly, and flooring paints restroom remodeling, an outer wall roof to becoming it. The site rt is ises by buying, too; to Tachiki felling enforcement, a spaciousness garden!

For two carports, I am not troubled with storing on six quires of prefab houses, warehouse either. Only by cleaning, the number of years old is in condition to be able to live only by cleaning immediately although it passes.

< Hotaka Ariake> one-storied house villa with a hot spring
   The price of 20,000,000 yen
  Land 144 tsubo  Building 29 tsubo
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