September 17, 2018

Goryu and a location to look, and to be ableto look around the Iimori slope! The south side is a lot of rural sceneries popular area spreading through. It is completed in September, 2016, and the building has yet passed only for two years. Because two Western-style ro...

February 28, 2018

The single house which is seen on the right alone when it lies across the "Tatsuashi" traffic light in the south!
In the site, you can see a view of the Mt. Ariake widely with 490 tsubos!
Because it is adjacent, and there is "a grave", it is recommended in the one that...

January 8, 2017

Located 450 metres from Shinano-machi station. It has been only 11 months since the completion of November 2016. The rooms feature spacious dining and skip floor seating. All-electric, wood stove,

Installed solar power plant. A carport is for two cars. Firewood storage,...

December 31, 2016

It is a mansion of distant popping on the high ground of 2.5 ㎞ (7 minutes car) from Omachi Akashina line (line 51).

There is also a hall with sound facilities, and a variety of parties, concerts and balls can be held!

If the weather is nice, the view of the Northern Alps...

February 24, 2016


It is located along the middle of the spring line near the "Miyagi" signal. It is a full-fledged hand cut log house! "Wood" especially if you are particular about the log is sure to understand the goodness! I hope you will take a look.

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The recently-built resale housing in the Hakuba-mura Meitetsu villa place! 2LDK 26,800,000 yen


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February 24, 2016

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