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A company's name: Kurosaki real estate
A representative: Yoshihiro Kurosaki.
A location: Nagano-ken Azumino city Hodaka Ariake 2178-21
Telephone: 0263-87-0075
A cell phone: 090-3333-5018
Fax: 0263-83-7699
Belonging: (Company) All Japan Real Estate Federation
   (Company) real estate guarantee society
Qualification: House lot building dealings man and housing loan adviser
The license number: Nagano prefectural governor (2), 5220th number
Work contents: Existing house in general professional agency and detached building buy

[History] it was born in Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo in 1956.
In the Hyogo-ken private gratitude school and high school graduation
Kansai University department of economics graduation
Pension management for for 2002 years-2011 years starts rice, meat, and vegetables cooked together in a small pot "floral 'kanzashi'" 2011-"Kurosaki real estate" and comes at present in Hakuba-mura, 1984-in 2001. 

I enter from the unique business category with unique background. 
The business development which made "the real estate agent who doesn't seem to be a real estate agent" a motto and made the IT the center

I mediate with a secondhand property and a region as a speciality. I'll carry on the business aiming at the property difficult to sell by an other company, a special business property and the country living professional site.